About Us


Since we start our business in 2005, THE AESTHETIC ALLIANCE has been striving for innovation in the fast-evolving field of aesthetic laser and skin care. Building on more than a decade of healthcare expertise and scientific legacy, we offer one of the most comprehensive product portfolios in the aesthetic market. Today, our products and equipments are used by Dermatologist and healthcare professionals in all over the country and in the Middle East region.


  • To help people be healthy and look young
  • To discover the secrets of beauty
  • To help people enjoy their life with affordable solutions in Aesthetic field.
  • To address new and growing needs of aging populations


“It is our vision to become the most admired, trusted and innovative Aesthetics and Laser equipment company.”



THE AESTHETIC ALLIANE is a diverse and professional aesthetic company that is committed to focusing on our valued clients while delivering consistently high performance. Advance Technology is our motto. We have proven higher technologies that give dramatic results quickly and make cost effective environment. We ensure that your clinic, hospital and patients would get a satisfaction in treatment results and in business.


“We strive to improve patient´s health – helping them to live better, feel better and look better.”


Team of “The Aesthetic Alliance” consist of medical doctors, pharmacists, biotechnologists, cosmetologists and it is supported by creative engineers well experienced in their field.

In everything we do, our goal is to make a significant contribution to human well-being. Our professional team specialized in clinical education, technical support and customer satisfaction.

Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

THE AESTHETIC ALLIANCE recognizes its obligations to act responsibly, ethically and with integrity in its dealings with staff, customers and the environment as a whole.

To this end: –

  1. The Company minimizes health and safety risks to staff and visitors through the implementation of a certified management system.
  2. The Company has a separate environmental policy statement clarifying its commitment to delivering a net positive impact on the environment.
  3. The Company is proud that its management is recognized through ISO9001 and ISO14001.
  4. The Company has established a Charitable Trust through which it supports its social responsibility objectives.
  5. The Company donates management time to promote sustainability both within the industry, within the environmental management profession, and through presentations at schools and lectures at universities.
  6. We will conduct every aspect of our business with honesty, integrity and openness, respecting human rights and the interests of our employees, customers and third parties.
  7. We will respect the legitimate interests of third parties with whom we have dealings in the course of our business.
  8. We will maintain the highest standards of integrity – for example, we will not promise more than we can reasonably deliver or make commitments we cannot or do not intend to keep.